ZanteWize Internet & Travel Services

is a web services and development company situated in Zakynthos, operating since 1996. Our aim is to offer remarkable and customized web design and mobile products to our clients at affordable rates. What makes us special is that we are supremely creative, and our ideas are always underpinned by a solid business strategy. The result is that we consistently deliver for our clients.

Our approach is simple. We want your business to be successful and so we work with you as a creative partner to produce aesthetic and usable design to inspire your target audience.

Our experience allows us to produce digital products that users love using them, since the best user interface principles and design are being used. Custom designs, powerful features and aesthetically pleasing UI, deliver a smooth user experience.

Our goal is to help our clients fully exploit the opportunities presented by new technologies and take advantage of social media marketing so as to improve their services and gain a competitive advantage through correct management of information and knowledge.